Working together

GS CONSULT BG is a company that has gained experience at a time when retail sales developed into a perfectly competitive environment. The company was created to provide logistics and support services in a dynamic market such as retail sales.

In fact formation / establishment of professionals was impossible so far, because of a late introduction into the Bulgarian market of this new type of service, so called service stations, which started in 1994.

Maintenance and service of these modern commercial complexes is a complicated process. We succeeded in separating certain activities, which are determinant for uninterrupted work of them and are in compliance with requirements of existing rules and regulations in the company.

We are a team of skilled professionals, that have been in the field since the very beginning of new service stations exploitation process. We’ve been through all stages of exploitation and government from the lowest to the highest management level in one of the biggest commercial companies.

We are a team that created and specialists in this branch and for a period of four years put into practice over 70 commercial sites and conducted full training to over 1500 people. Some of those specialists are now among us.